Wiring Services


Get the right solution for your budget. NCS Data Systems offers 35+ years experience designing, installing and maintaining copper/fiber optic cabling plants, both commercially and industrially. Our professional experience covers everything from copper networking plants to wireless and laser building-to-building ethernet bridging to current inside and outside fiber plants. NCS ensures your infrastructure plant will meet your exact specifications with certifiable results while staying on-time and under budget.

Our installation experience includes federal, state and military facilities as well as commercial and retail locations. Our installation services can provide detailed “As-Built” network drawings with complete documentation. From Class ‘A’ buildings to strip-malls, NCS has the ability to provide a single copper or fiber run across existing or new pathways, from room-to-room, from floor to floor, or a complete voice/data infrastructure implementation.

In addition to installing, servicing and refreshing over 1000 retail franchise locations, we also install and maintain high-capacity voice and data circuit demarcation extensions in hundreds of buildings around the country. NCS provides street pedestal-to-server or telecom room pathways for all major carriers including AT&T, Verizon and Centurylink. We utilize custom underground horizontal boring techniques to deliver simplistic cost-effective methods of bringing new circuits into your building or plant.

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